Joker is not an ordinary superhero movie that we used to watch lately. Beginning with the first scene you can feel (not only see – something beyond) what I am trying to say here. First light, first dialog, first note, first camera movement… All is awkwardly intriguing but uncomfortably disturbing. Frankly, something deep within Joker is touching your nerves… You get annoyed with the people, how they behave to Arthur (Joker’s name before becoming a crime lord), you get stressed with the political and economic gaps between poor and the rich. You get angry to people who does not tolerate and misuse people’s trust. Every inch of Gotham City collapse and this movie shows you this in a beautiful, multidimensional way. As I said, this is not one of your ordinary superhero movies. So, if you were after that kind of a film, please park your car somewhere else. You need to find what you are looking for elsewhere.

Joker- Unsettling in every sense

Joker creates a world where it is common to suffer. You feel like whole city suffer, every single poor soul… Plot gets its power from its simplicity. Arthur works as a part time party clown and hopes for a spectacular stand-up performance in a comedy club. Well, you know how these things go… If you already have had psychological issues in your head, then it would turn your world upside down having such a miserable life. This is one of the triggers that pushes Arthur out of the cliff and find his insanity in the film. But on the other hand, how director Todd Phillips develops this story is very stylish. You see how Arthur turns into Joker day by day, progressing to become a lunatic. You see how environment does not understand him, you witness how society collapses so badly and cannot help people like Arthur. This is the environment where someone like Arthur turns into Joker, in short. Very, very unsettling in every sense…

Joker – Amazing acting performance

Joaquin Phoenix delivers a solid and unforgettable performance as Arthur Fleck aka Joker. I have not seen such a strong character in a movie for a long time. Joaquin’s performance most probably will receive an Oscar nomination. Can he win it? Yes, he can.

Big shouts must go for the cinematography as well. Each and every scene (I am not exaggerating) has huge, I mean, huge amount of details sprinkled all over. There is no possible way you can see them all in your first time. You need to see the film second time, maybe third time. I am sure you will find new details every time. Another Oscar nomination? Definitely.

Solid acting, unexpected plot and excellent story development, beautiful cinematography, visually, sound and music wise in every aspect, and most importantly, enough courage to make a movie like this. Putting Joker in the center and focusing on a real loser that we tend to ignore in the real life. A loser, who becomes the crime lord of Gotham, shortly after. These are the first steps of a successful (!) career of a phyco-maniac. At the end, everybody needs a good laugh. Happy now?

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