First of all I was so sad all day due to our huge lose of 258 miners (and increasing every second) in Soma, Manisa, Turkey. It’s a unexplainable disaster, it is a utmost tragedy. May Allah take them to heaven and give strengh to their families. I feel that only thing I can do is prey and shout what I think is right.

I will not try to hide behind words, Turkey’s HSE marks are one of the worst in the world. But Why? We have universities nearly in every city. We have know how of all kind of infrastructures and superstructures. Our brilliant young generations going abroad and achieving great success. Then why the hell are we having this much as death due to HSE prosedure failure all around the country? Traffic accidents, mine explodes, labour accommodation burn dowsn… It is not going to stop until we put a standart in our engineering works that is so damn obvious.

Even in Qatar, people dies due to HSE failures but comparing the procedure with Turkey, Qatar is heaven. At least here we have some procedures. I know what happens if I pass the signal on red in Qatar but nothing is going to happen in Turkey. This is the problem. No one cares how a disaster occurs. It is not mother nature’s fault. Typical human faults. Small mistakes become regular in the community if noone checks and punishes it. If everyone breaks the rules, you can not stop all the people to act same.

Coal Mine2

This is not the first mine incident in Turkey and I am sorry to say that it will not be the last. The third party consultants should be more effective in Turkey and the government should take the responsibility on the HSE failures. How can you build a new era if you can not protect your own people?

Turkish people are not lazy people. They are hardworking, pride and brave people. Only thing they can not do is blaming and running away. These people in Soma coal mine were so brave. Not just brave they are living in the risk itself. They are heroes and they will stay like this. Sometimes a hero dies and his legacy help other people to understand what they should really do to receive what they deserve. Rest in peace heroes, rest in peace. Your efford will not be forgotten, I assure you.

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