Thinking Man

Actually this is a paradox I’m having lately. Posting in English makes me feel better. But I can not stop thinking that if this is a blog about myself then I should post my thoughts in my native language. On the otherhand if I post English posts I will reach to more people. I can spread my evil ideas to far parts of the world. Great, right?

By the way I’m starting to think that Twitter and Facebook are blog killers. You post there something and you do not want to post anything else in your blog as a result. Funny thing is I’m starting to write shorter posts on blog when I post more on social media. Well, I can easily see my twitter followers increse rapidly when I tweet in English. This also shows a simple fact: English is the world language. Period. See you later.

Wait I changed my mind I will talk about something else before closing the post. Elder Scrolls Online still not installed. 2 hours passed. 4 DVD. Are you kiding me? Why you need my credit card to activate my account? Answer my two question Bethesta. I will not pull back until you send your reply in email or some way else which has not been invented yet. Piece of cake, heh?

Type “idea” in Hz. Google and search for photos. You will see many ligh bulp. This means AKP logo refers to “idea”. I bet you never thought that one. Got you!

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